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spectacular. i couldn't believe i was actually seeing one just a few hours later. >> what are the chances of that? one viewer in san jose tonight saying it was bright green when it first appeared and then it went to bright yellow. it was awesome. another viewer said it" it looked like just like the one i saw back in october except it was a little smaller. it was green initial color. everyone stopped in the parking lot and looked at it." >> what a night it's been. the meteor hits russia and then this asteroid. >> we begin with our chief meteorologist who joins us with the closer look at the size of tonight's event. >> let's just say it has to be extremely large in order tore the doppler radar to pick up anything like this. so i fine tuned the radar, telling the radar scan everything it can find in the
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lower atmosphere. from the type of those reports from 7:00 to 8:10 tonight, you can see this wave of green moving up from the peninsula and the north bay. that's a sign of unusual activity in the atmosphere. this is not fog, not rain but it's part of that meteor that streaked across the sky and or part of its contrail. it's a neat way to look at what happened as we're continuing to get the pictures in. as far as the trajectory goes, we started getting reports from st. helena and also walnut creek and then san francisco and finally a lot of you saw it in san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz. some of my estimates is the bay area troavel distance was somewhere near 140 miles. by all indications, it's some
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kind of meteor fireball. this is definitely something that caught a lot of our views tonight, so to speak, somewhat star struck. >> we sure are. fascinating what's happening. there are plenty of people in russia nursing their wounds and cleaning up the debris. tonight some answers of what we saw and the extent of the damage after a meteorite. >> reporter: the video from russia incredible, a massive meteor hitting the atmosphere and exploding with the force of an atomic bond. the shock wave over the town of
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chelyabinsk. >> it blue the vents out of my bathroom. there was debris on the floor. i'm up on the 23rd floor and i could feel the building swaying. >> pieces of the meteor punched a hole in a nearby frozen lake but missed a town and a nearby nuclear plant. >> the region is believed to be the site of a biggest meteor landing 105 years ago. >> in just a few minutes our coverage will continue live from oakland. if you saw that fireball tonight here in the bay area, let us
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know. go to our web site, and click on "submit your photo" on our home page. >> joining the rank and file for. >> to see and tweet. palo alto's police chief took the citizens he's protecting on a virtual ride along tonight. the chief is manning the streets to show he's listening to concerns about rising crime. we have more on the chief's night duty. >> reporter: palo alto police chief dennis burns is still out on control. can you follow his movements on twitter right now. he's believed to be the first police chief in the bare area to do the virtual ride along. i just checked the twitter feed and about five minutes ago it says chief burns is stopping a car driving with a mattress on its roof with the two occupants holding it down by hand. tonight, though, we did a real ride along to ask how his city
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is responding to the rise in crime. >> i think i got to go. >> it's certainly you don't see too often. >> injury accident, church hill and el cammi ecamminee cammine . >> they say what we're doing and they also, you know, in the event that we have any significant incident in the neighborhood or we have some sort of disaster that they automatically think to go towards that. >> chief burns addressed the rise of some serious crimes in the city that include sexual assault and violent muggings. >> this year we've seen indecent exposures and we've made some arrests in that area. >> this year appears to be off
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to a better start. >> we're seeing some reduction. we're going to continue some of the strategies we doing to make sure we keep those numbers down. >> chief burns understands why people are frustrated. >> they have reason to be concerned but also they need to know that we are staying vigilant and conducting a very thorough investigation. and chief burns will be out on patrol until 2:00 in the morning and what he's doing tonight will be featured in the upcoming issue of "police" magazine. >> george, thank you. 12, that's how many charges a santa clara man is facing tonight after prosecutors save he made death threats against state senator leland. he appeared very timid in court today. the charges against him include
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making threats and explosives. he's accused of having several weapons and a high powered, long-range rifle. >> he's charged with three assault weapons, which are illegal and in addition he's charged with two counts of forgery of a government i.d. >> reporter: for the third full day, investigators scoured his home, discovering a handful of explosive devices which the bomb squad detonated. >> san francisco police say two men are recovering tonight from injuries after they were attacked by a group of robbers armed with a hatchet. a 58-year-old man came home to find a 69-year-old man tied up and suffering from cuts. investigators say the 69-year-old had been attacked by three men who used a hatchet on him. the intruders did manage to take off. so far no arrests have been made. >> i literally was in shock because i couldn't believe
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something like this happened on our block. this is a really safe block. we look out for each other. >> both victims suffered deep cuts and were taken to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. investigators said jewelry is missing from that home. >> pets accident live killed, lost and injured all in the care of airlines. in an nbc news bay area investigation, what happens when some animals are shipped in cargo? >> and disgrauntled passengers fighting back against carnival cruise line. >> and is your merlot in trouble. what has wine makers worried about today's great crop?
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i don't know last time we said this, meteorites and asteroids. this is no ordinary friday night. stephanie, everyone at the space center we presume focused on the asteroid. what do we see? >> reporter: yeah, very focused on it, very excited and astronomers calling it a celestial 4th of july. astronomers saying it was likely a metorrite not connecteto the asteroid. pure fascination all around. >> it's moving away from us. >> as dozens watched the small, dark circle across the screen, a picture of the asteroid from the
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space center's most powerful telescope. >> it might hit something. it explodes. >> reporter: the asteroid just 17 miles away from earth. and reports of a meteorite across the sky. adding with a meteorite that hit central russia that injured thousands. >> you can think of this as a giant game of roulette hitting earth. >> think of 500 to a thousand
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hiroshima bombs set off in one place. >> reporter: he said the earth is completely vulnerable with 90% of asteroids going untracked at any given second. >> we can't tell you where they're going to be or when they're going to hit, 99%. mabb the tra j map the trajectories of all these asteroids. that's important because it turns out we have the ability to deflect asteroids today. >> reporter: and that's a $450 million project expected to launch in 2018, nasa a junior partner. live in oakland, stephanie trong. >> thank you very much,
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stephanie. less than a day back on dry land and one passenger is already suing carnival cruiseline for the debacle on the ship. passengers spend four and a half hours without plumbing. she says they failed to provide a seaworthy vessel. carnival has offered to refund their ticket, a ticket for another cruise and $500. >> it's always devastating with a pet dies but even more devastating when it happens in someone else's care. there are dangers of shipping your animals carlo. >> jessica, money through hundreds of reports released to the department of transportation. we found some horrific incidents
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and discovered airlines can sometimes save few consequences. >> our bets become our best friend and leaving them can be devastating. kay lek going to -- >> he's in l.a. where they can take him to the beach and he's going to have an acre to live on. >> so to give him a better life, he's about to be shipped as cargo on the flight from the bay area to washington. >> i'm just praying it will always go boy and this camera and temperature recorder inside his kennel to document kaleb's journey. from his current owner hands into a new family. >> i think a lot of owners think if i can be flown from point a to point b that and nothing
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happened to me, probably something will happen with the vet. >> he says sending your vet through cargo would be your last resort. >> well, i tried putting an animal in a certain position. >> and we found it happened. going through monthly air travel consumer reports dating back to 2007. the investigator dis, then injured or gone missing. most never to be found. all on the airline's watch. but we don't know how many animals are transported. by law airlines only have to pet or skirt, lost or dry the incidents. american alines, continent am
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involved a dog named bam-bam. >> michael jar bow to have 350. >> you united pet safe program. >> they guaranty you that your pet will always be in acclimated surroundings. >> but he says during a layover in houston, we saw his dog sitting on the tarmac on a luggage cart. >> he spent almost four hours in plastic conditions. >> his death is unrelated as to how united handled him. for his loss, they gave him $1,000 in travel vouchers. >> if you or i would do this, we could be criminally prosecuted.
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we examine government in response, delta reviewed its training procedures. >> the airlines are not forced to take responsibility. >> she launched a facebook page to help find a cat named jack. two months later, he fell through an airport ceiling. today the d.o.t. still lists him as lost. >> airlines for america, a trade group representing the majority of airlines told us the transportation of all passengers, including pets, remains the airline's number one prior. and remember kaleb? we found him mostly alongside
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his bone he made it safely and is now enjoying his new home. >> despite a new puppy that he says united paid $3,500 for, nothing will replace his dog. his advice but putting your and nal in carling owe. >> now, we did request interviews with all the airlines in our report. all declined. >> eye opening information there, elise. thank you. now, if you have tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail. >> let's bring back our chief
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meteorologist. jeff, we're ready to begin our three-day weekend. we're all working but many people looking ahead. >> we do have a nice kentucky coming your way. unfortunately it's not going to come in today. it was so nice, wasn't it? let's get you outside to the live hd camera tonight on this friday evening. we have clear skies and no meets. i seen that subscribing in the sky tonight. we have high pressure as we have on wednesday and underthat to we'll have to wait till peks week, a we'll get some much-needed rainfall. some areas of fog, and starting
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sunday we'll start to see falling temperatures. and 35 in santa rosa. got to have the jacket with that kind of weather, 39 in con card. daytime highs will begin topping out in the upper 60s and low 70s. not too bad in santa rosa with 70 degrees, even back to santa cruz looking at 68 degrees. on your three-day forecast. we keep it sunny, a little cloud cover here on saturday and also as we head into monday. from those upper 70s today to 60s by monday. most live cloudy. i like what i see. a lot of you may not want the rainfall but this is a good news, folks.
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a lot of the information since 2013 started. about a quarter inch with this. i am playing it up. it not a major storm but any kind of rain drops is a big deal at this point. scattered showers on thursday and friday. but right now the big change next week will be on tuesday. >>
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. we've had beautiful warm weather but it's not the right time. local vintners fear it may be a little too early. wine makers admit it's still early and there's still some rain in the forecast. we're back in a moment.
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good evening, i'm dave feldman. everybody who is somebody is in scottsdale right now, not just the giants pitchers and catchers but everybody. today the mandatory reporting day for all position players. you see pablo sandoval, you see blanco getting his cuts in the cage. pagan is anxious to shake off the off season trust, signing a four-year, $40 million contract. >> a little rest and a lot of work. i want to, you know -- i signed this contract and the expectations are really big, as well as for myself. i want to go out there and keep do whag know i can do, keep being consistent. >> it's good to see all my teammates again. every day i get up and i want to come here. why not do it again. i think that was amazing what we went through and we believe we can do it again.
11:27 pm
>> we stay hungry by loving the game. you never lose that passion. i'm the kind of guy i was playing when i was 7 years old and it doesn't get old. your mom pull ut out a year to go to the ballpark and you love it as much as you can. i'm never going to lose my passion for this game. >> sharks and blackhawks, san jose riding a six-game losing skid. 4-4 hockey. marcus cougar dumps it in. takes a funny bounce off the post and the sharks have dropped seven straight after starting the season with seven straight wins. and the nai smith memorial al of fame announced today.
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did we do something wrong? is there a super bowl curse around here? these are dark days for our pro teams. ever since the 49ers lost two weeks ago, not one of our bay area teams have had a victory. the sharks are 0-5 since that super bowl. >> they all said they would start winning again. >> perfect. >> here we go. >> have a great weekend.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight
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show with jay leno," aturing rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- kathy griffin, from the golf channel, david feherty, the music of fm radio and "jaywalking." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hello. [ cheers and applause ]
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good to see everybody. welcome to "the tonight show." hope you all had a nice valentine's day. you know it's interesting, they say people like to get kinky on valentine's day, try different things. like, last night the clippers spanked the lakers. did you see that? here's something. i'm in a store today and i notice -- you know where the greeting cards are? you ever notice when you shop for greeting cards, there are cards that say happy belated birthday, happy belated anniversary? you ever notice there are no cards that say happy belated valentine's day. that's 'cause there is no recovery from that. you miss valentine's day, there is no happy anything ever again. you're just screwed, totally screwed. actually, my wife and i had a a pretty romantic valentine's day. you know what we did? we sat in a port-a-potty and pretended we were c

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